Reflecting on Previous Practice
Reports to use reflectively:
School Value Added Report
School Diagnostic Report
School Performance Diagnostic Report
Value Added Summary
District Feeder Pattern Report
Student Pattern Report

Student progress rates are the key, regardless of entering student achievement. This section will provide sample diagnostic reports that show how students at different achievement levels progressed, compared to other North Carolina students like themselves.


Sample Value-Added Report

Sample of School Diagnostic Patterns

Blank Desirable Pattern Template

Blank School Effects Table

Using the blank school effects table and the sample data for Ian Middle School enter the Tested Subject/Grade name in the school effectiveness table. Locate the color for the most recent year. If the color is RED, place an "X" in the overall results column. Use a separate row for each grade for the EOG reporting.

View the Diagnostic Report for each Tested Subject/Grade. Locate the blue bars on the graph for each of the 5 Achievement Groups. Also note the red whiskers.
For any blue bars above the green reference line (where the whiskers are also completely above), place an up arrow in the approriate cell of the table.
For any blue bars below the green reference line (where the whiskers are also completely below), place a down arrow in the appropriate cell of the table.
For any blue bars at or near the green reference line (the whiskers cross the green line), place a horizontal dash in the table.


Sample data is provided for independent practice.


Use your school data to reflect and respond respond to the questions found in the
Interpreting Your Results document.