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For EVAAS questions in NC, please email educatoreffectiveness@dpi.nc.gov

For Wiki questions, please email paul.marshall@dpi.nc.gov

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Remember, you cannot use projections to calculate Teacher Growth

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To provide participants with a deeper understanding of the Educator Value-Added Assessment System (EVAAS) in order to prepare them for making productive data-based decisions in their school or district. Participants will review reports and various analysis tools available through EVAAS.


To provide educators with what they need to understand and use EVAAS to improve instruction.


If you would like help creating a presentation for your LEA, please email EducatorEffectiveness@dpi.nc.gov


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Please use this spreadsheet to help calculate Teacher+Student Assignment

EVAAS workshop

1. Documents that help principals and teacher use EVAAS to improve student growth in their school.

EVAAS Workshop for Principals:

For all educators:

Please check out this presentation and documents with a step by step process for principals to walk through their data.
1. A macro view of your school to determine successes and needs.
2. An easy way to look at your PLCs to determine a PLC goal.
3. Step by step process of having a conversation with teachers about how they can improve instruction.

Please download this presentation to refer to notes

describing possible causes of Diagnostic Report patterns.

EVAAS and the connections to AIG